This is often a very spectacular strategy declaring their passion for somebody.

This is often a very spectacular strategy declaring their passion for somebody.

Want to win over your Filipina girlfriend or partner?

Strive to find out them words!

The most frequent methods of expressing ‘I adore an individual’ is definitely Mahal kita.

This keyword may be used with any person, from your very own grandpa (Mahal kita, Lolo) your youngster (Mahal kita, Anak).

Somewhat traditional, it’s the type of word you make use of with a thing of intimate affections.

Filipinos have actually contained plenty of English terminology in their vocabulary, for example the verb for absent someone’s occurrence. In the event you actually, truly skip some one, possible declare each one of this subsequent sentences:

Overlook na miss kita. = I really overlook an individual.

This really is a very sweet things to say in Tagalog. It may sound plenty greater than the french translation. Variations contain:

Mag-ingat ka. = perform take care. Lagi kang mag-ingat. = Always be careful. Ingat ka lagi. = constantly be mindful. (in letters a lot more than in chat.)

5. might gusto ako sa iyo. = i’ve a crush on you.

As a noun, the Tagalog text gusto indicates an infatuation with someone.

As a verb, your message gusto indicates “to wish” and “to like”.

Gusto kitang makita. = I want to view you. Gusto kitang tawagan. = I want to contact a person.

7. Iniisip kita. = I’m thinking of one.

Lagi kitang iniisip. = i imagine your. Iniisip kita lagi. = i usually imagine you.

8. Hihintayin kita. = I’ll await your.

Absolutely nothing melts a Filipina’s center along these lines concept of persistence. Whether or not it’s waiting the girl to finish planning or waiting around for the girl to state yes for your offer, it merely are an endearing keyword. (suite…)

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